Nightmare on My Street

3 08 2013
How do I get to the stuff in back?

How do I get to the stuff in back?

In other words, I let my sister convince me to host a garage sale. Nightmare is somewhat of a euphemism. If you’ve ever held one, you know what I mean.

Aside from enjoying the lovely pictures of my garage – before the sale, I’d like to give you a private tour of what I was thinking along the way.

While I was going through my house room-by-room, cleaning it up for the home sale photos, I wondered:

  • Where did all this junk come from?
  • Why did I buy this in the first place?
Some of this is college dorm room stuff.

Some of this is college dorm room stuff.

When I searched through boxes and bags that have been sitting in my garage for who knows how long a year or more:

  • Someone’s willing to pay for this?

As I loaded up another box with books (make that a small box or else no one will be able to lift it) and again when I lined them up on the bookshelf my husband cleared (but we aren’t selling because I still have as many books inside as out in the garage), two thoughts played over like a music loop in my head:

  • Boy, I need to get a library card.
  • I’m glad I have that Kindle app.

Why do we keep this stuff we don’t ever use? In fact, I have some more items that are antique dishes or crystal that I am going to move to the new house. My mother-in-law would kill me if I sold it at a yard sale.

Funny story: My mother-in-law gave me this lamp, bronze with a lion-shaped base, that was from the home of an older lady they knew. A few years later, I donated to the church garage sale and someone bought it for $5. Apparently, it was worth $200 or more and if they had given me the pair (Jeff’s cousin got the other one), we could have sold them for $500. Who knew?

Yeah, the table is hiding the treasures that have been there awhile.

Yeah, the table is hiding the treasures that have been there awhile.

Would you rather take it all to the junk yard or have a yard sale? How do you get rid of all that junk that piles up?

By the way, stop by today and help me unload some of this stuff. Garage sale – today!




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