What Lights Your Fire?

17 11 2012

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With football season well underway, hearing about “fans being on fire” is pretty common. Our pastor is a fanatic about football, but when he was preaching about “fire” on Sunday, he could have been asking us if we were fans of Jesus Christ.

Sadly, Christians as a whole have lost their fire for the Gospel. If we have a burning passion, it would more likely be for dark chocolate or some forbidden fruit.

Watching sports fans on TV or in person is an interesting study. Here’s what I notice:

  • They wear their team’s colors
  • They stand and cheer rather than sit and watch
  • They don’t mind being in a crowded stadium
  • It’s easy to pick them out in any crowd
  • Any negative talk about their team is likely to begin a brawl
  • Money is no object when it comes time for the big games

There are parallels to be drawn between this fanatical fire for the San Francisco Giants (yes, I’m more about baseball than football) and the Holy Spirit inspired fire that should be burning inside of God’s children.

  1. Team Colors:  Do Christians have colors? They should have true colors. They should be true blue – always believed because they’d never lie and loyal until their last breath.
  2. Stand and cheer or sit and watch? If you’ve spent any time in church, you’ve heard the term “pew warmer.” Well, in sports the bench warmer doesn’t get any playing time. As for fans, any person who sits and watches their team isn’t as dedicated to the cause as those who are standing and cheering. The least we can do is cheer our fellow believers on. It would be even better if we stood beside them, sharing the message of hope with the world around us.
  3. They don’t mind being in a crowded stadium. When was the last time the church building was crowded with people who were cheering that their names were written in Heaven?
  4. It’s easy to pick them out in any crowd. Is it easy to tell you’re a Christian? If you looked in a mirror or watched yourself on hidden camera, would your actions mark you as “peculiar”? We act more like undercover agents than fired-up fans of our Savior.
  5. Negative talk about their team: This is the one that bums me out the most. Will we jump on the negative bandwagon when our brothers and sisters in Christ are under verbal fire? Or will we go on the defensive? It’s a fifty-fifty proposition, depending on our mood that day.

If we don’t join in, we nod and pull a pious face and pretend this gossip is really a prayer request. I think the saying my mother drilled into me as a child should be put into practice in churches: “If you don’t have anything nice to say… (come on and say it with me now, I know you’ve heard it) don’t say anything at all.”

I could do with a little more peace and quiet.

  1. Money is no object when it comes time for the big games. When the offering plate is passed, though, it’s a whole different matter. If we hear of someone unable to pay their doctor bill or electric bill, are we as willing to shell out $100 to help them? You can hardly get two poor seats at a regular NBA game for that amount of money – which says nothing about the parking fees and refreshment costs.

What do you think? Is there something in this world that people are more passionate about than sports? What lights your fire?





2 responses

17 11 2012

Hello, Sharon. It’s sad that Christians have a really bad rap these days. Blame it on some of the politicians who invoke God and Christ but really, their god is their party and their blind ambition— sometimes even to the detriment of the rest of the nation. There are also many events that have made people leave the church in droves: the pedophile scandals, the suppression of the valuable role of the nuns, the insistence on siphoning a significant percentage of church’s coffers to prop up the obscene wealth the Vatican represents, the refusal to change with the times as Scientific discoveries prove many beliefs to be untrue. Young people are not like the rest of us who were willing to swallow doctrines and not question. It’s all part of being more connected to the rest of the world they are growing up and will grow old in. We all need to rethink our faith. God will always be God. The Church is made of human beings who are fallible. The recognition of that is the first step to moving forward, thank you for your time.

17 11 2012

Thanks for responding. I hate to think of how many times I had a bad day and people judged The Lord Jesus Christ on that one representation. I think there is way too much emphasis on religion in our world and not enough on relationship. Without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we’re just going through the motions.
Some days, I’m too tired to be passionate about much of anything. I’m glad God doesn’t give up on me as easily as people give up on Him.
Thanks for reading the blog and commenting. Input is welcomed from everyone.

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