Plans: A Parade to be Rained On

12 09 2012

God will not permit any troubles to come upon us, unless He has a specific plan by which great blessing can come out of the difficulty.
Peter Marshall

Making plans invites disaster. Accept these words of wisdom from someone whose had a delightfully exciting and adventurous run of events. All unplanned and unexpected and uninvited and unpleasant. Although I’m sure pleasant surprises happen…to other people.

Saturday lounged in the sunshine reading my literature assignment for the week (Song of Myself by Walt Whitman and selected works of Emily Dickinson). My phone rang (a universally understood portent of upcoming disaster). My youngest son had been having side pains since Wednesday and it was getting worse.

“Which side is it?” I asked. Of course, it was the right side.

“Have you felt nauseous or thrown up?” No, but he hadn’t really felt like eating much for the past day either.

“Do you have a temperature?” He didn’t have a thermometer and didn’t feel like walking to the infirmary.

I won’t continue relaying this question and answer session to spare his sensitive feelings. All you mothers and health care providers understand what other pertinent facts I requested from my son.

Needless to say, a trip to the emergency room…in the town where he attends college…70 miles from where we live…followed, along with the usual battery of tests (White blood cell count of 2500. Why doesn’t he have a fever?). We passed the next six hours at the hospital where a surgical team had been summoned to perform an immediate appendectomy.

Sunday, when I usually head off to worship services and later Skype both of my boys, I woke up in a strange room (a hotel room ten miles from the hospital because there was a beer festival in Newberg, so there was no room at the inn). Back to the hospital we went, only to learn that the infection was spiking his temperature (he has one now, is everyone happy?) and the doctor wanted him to stay over another night. Well, doc was the only one who did want that. Was there a buy one night get the second night free special going on? No? Then the parents oppose the stay, vociferously.

Time dragged by as it always does when you’re in a hospital. Do the employees there experience a similar phenomenon? Or is this epic slowing of time reserved for patients and their families?

I requested a substitute for the next two days of work. Nursing isn’t my life’s calling, but mothering has been for the past 21 years. Moms do what needs to be done and when it involves their kids, they do it well.

Monday, I drove back to the hospital (another two plus hours in the car) with my cribbage board in hand. My son was awake and even got out of bed for the second time since his surgery. The doctor had already visited and announced that the patient was being discharged.

We played one game of cribbage (I almost skunked him. He says I cheated since I was pegging for him and he couldn’t reach the board.) Before we could finish a second game, the nurse came in to medicate him and take out his IV.

God generously answered my prayers and we were home at noon. Too bad I had to go back out for his prescription and groceries. Then I needed a nap. Driving and sitting really take it out of me. Why is that anyway?

Young bodies heal. Time moves on like a lazy river. There are bumps, class five rapids and eddies that trap us in one place for a short time.

Have you experienced any bumps, rapids or eddies in the timeline of your life lately? Your comments make my day.




2 responses

12 09 2012

Glad to hear he’s all right!

14 09 2012

Yes, he couldn’t wait to get back to college. He’s had a crazy year Of surgeries with an ACL replacement and this appendectomy. Thanks for the good thoughts.

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