My Nest is Empty – Again

29 08 2012

The Fab Four

It really doesn’t seem that long ago when I was standing in front of my oldest son’s empty bedroom, tears rolling down my cheeks. At that moment, the future seemed uncertain because it was changing.

Last year, we sent our youngest son to college and officially became “Empty Nesters.” Well, maybe not because we have all their junk and they still bunk here several months out of the year. On a regular basis, it’s just me and Mr. Wonderful, so that seems empty enough.

Now that the baby is off to college again, the rooms are vacant. That baby bird couldn’t wait to fly out of here. He was hoping not to come back ever this summer and has been mighty depressed not to have a flourishing social life for the past three months.

As for my oldest son, he’s in California working until it’s time for him to return for his senior year of college. We still hold his TV, desktop computer and a few clothing items hostage. This out-of-state job has given mom a taste of what the future might hold.

Flavorful? Not so much.

Truthfully, I enjoy the silence. It means I can concentrate on my homework or my writing. Meals and movies get selected according to different criteria. Two loads of laundry on Saturday makes eight loads look horrendous, wasteful and time-consuming. Sure, dust collects at the same rate, but the bathrooms and floors don’t get the same traffic and remain clean for a few extra days.

It had been my plan that Jeff and I would join a bowling league or some other sort of organization where we would get out and meet people. Unfortunately, until I finish up college, there isn’t time for that. Now with my self-imposed writing mandates, I will have even fewer free hours each day. Hopefully, we’ll still find time for a few Friday nights out – alone or with friends – because I believe that’s one of the best ways to keep our marriage strong.

What is your advice for remaking an empty nest? Thanks for reading my posts so faithfully and even just an “I agree” comment would make my day.




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29 08 2012
Joanne Fogle

Shari, I love your writing style. It is just like you talking to us. About the empty nest… I don’t know. I was working the year that Mila was in KF and that was the worst time in my life concerning the empty next feeling. And even then, Randy was around part of the time.

When I retired, I thought that would be almost the ’empty nest’ feeling because I was going to be home and not going to be around a bunch of people on a daily basis. I got busy… Bible studies and putting lessons together, boards (3), cleaning house (I mean deep cleaning one room a day which meant I had a clean house each week) and just keeping myself busy.

Don’t know if this helps or not but keep up the good work. I am enjoying your writing.

Love you, Joanne

31 08 2012
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31 08 2012

Hello, Sharon. Like you, I’m a novice at writing. If you’re in school to master your craft, you’re way ahead of me. It’s great that you have committed to it.

About the empty nest: I used to wallow in some unexplained loss. Then I realized I was mourning the passing of a life stage. However, I have learned to move forward and welcome something new. My husband and I plan our time together differently. We travel to places we have wanted to go on our schedule. And we tailor the trips to suit our pace and our interests. We have also gotten to know each other all over again.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Let’s keep in touch. We can commiserate and share. Even support.

1 09 2012

I do enjoy spending time with my husband. We’re heading to the beach for the day. We will just walk on the beach, hit a few shops and go to our favorite seafood restaurant. If the boys were along, they would want more action.

Thanks for commenting. I’d love to keep in touch.

14 08 2013
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