Fried or Burned Out?

9 06 2012

Only five more days until I get two months off from my paid employment, so things should be looking up, right? Wrong. Before I can make it there, I have two (actually three if you count the Power point) divergent assignments for my two classes that are due the day after I get off for “summer break.” Break? Give me a break!

If this self-portrait strikes a chord with you – I understand. If you think I’m a weenie who needs to stop whining – feel free to stop reading, because I haven’t even started yet!

The Paper

Stressor #1 – I’m writing re-writing my literary analysis paper on Jack London’s White Fang. I’ve been trying to write the paper for three weeks and finally finished the rough draft two days ago only to realize it isn’t what I want to write.

I emailed my professor to see if my new thesis (the Nature vs. Nurture debate) would work. He loves it! Now I can start all over again (hopefully some of the research I spent 3 or 4 hours gathering will still be helpful) with this new and improved thesis. Did I mention it is an 8 – 10 page paper using at least three outside sources – other than the work itself?

Yeah – no stress right there.  Not even a smidgen (sarcasm, sarcasm)!

The Poem

Stressor #2 – The completely unrelated assignment that is also due next (actually Wednesday, and the paper isn’t due until Saturday) week is for my poetry writing workshop. I’m sure I mentioned this class at length in a post last month. I even posted an example of my sub-par work using an obsolete French form. (I hope I’m not sounding too negative here. If I am, get over it! I told you I was going to whine and welcomed you to stop reading at the outset.)

We’ve been posting single words or phrases over the past week. The assignment is to take these and make a coherent, cohesive and poetic verse. I challenge you to join me in this assignment. Here are the words/phrases:

  • idoneous (look it up if you don’t know what it means; it has nothing to do with idiots though!)
  • exile (completely related – NOT!)
  • sassafras (let’s have a cuppa tea)
  • anguish (starting to feel that)
  • idiocy (what this assignment is)
  • mediocre
  • epic epiphany (that is such an awesome alliteration!)
  • ostentatious (this word list, for one)
  • belligerent
  • absolution (doesn’t look as if I’ll be finding any of that)
  • compassion (not feeling that either)
  • astral projection
  • surreptitiously (if anyone’s poem carries off all these words in this manner, it’ll be amazing!)
  • ubiquitous (go ahead and look it up!)
  • champion (which is what I’ll be if I finish this assignment with a full head of hair!)

The Problem

I’m burned out on school. I’m burned out on working. I’m burned out on writing poetry. I’m burned out on doing anything that doesn’t lead directly to my dream. In fact, my brain is completely fried. I’d like to spend a week laying on the beach in Hawaii (Cozumel would also work) doing nothing at all!

Stressor #3 – I’m not going anywhere (unless you count taking my 18-year-old son to multiple medical appointments). My first week off from work is finals week for this term. The very next Monday I begin my classes for summer term. Need I remind anyone that “All work and no play” makes Shari a homicidal maniac?(Whoops! Think I completely misquoted Stephen King here, but since he’ll never read this – it’s all good.)

You know what, I understand everyone has problems. Your problems might even make my three stressors look like childproof scissors next to a switch blade. I’m not trying to bring anyone down. I just needed to get this off my chest.

Of course, what I really need to be doing is writing…




One response

15 06 2012

SOmetimes you just have to say “I’ll think about (finish, take care of, do) that tomorrow!” and take a break, to refresh. We all feel the need to run away occassionally. Too much stress in life – how does that happen?

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